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Red Apple Sangria

How about something amazing to start off the weekend? Apple Cider (YUM), red wine, brandy, orange juice, cinnamon sticks and a cinnamon sugar rim (DOUBLE YUM). This drink should warm that tummy of yours during these cool, crisp fall days. Get your family and friends together and enjoy this Sangria in good company!

Red Apple Sangria


Recipe type: Drink

Serves: 10-12 glasses


  • 2 bottles red wine (try a Spanish blend)

  • 1¼ cup brandy

  • 1 cup orange juice

  • 4 cups apple cider

  • 4 cinnamon sticks

  • 2 red apples, diced

  • 1 orange sliced

  • Cinnamon Sugar rim:

  • ½ cinnamon

  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar


  1. In a large pitcher add the wine, orange juice, brandy, apple cider, cinnamon sticks, red apples, and orange. Chill for at least 1 hour. It is best if chilled for 6-8 hours or up to 24 hours. Make sure to stir before serving.

  2. Cinnamon sugar rim:

  3. On a small plate mix together the sugar and cinnamon.

  4. Moisten the rim of the glass with water. Turn the glass upside down, dip and spin the rim in the cinnamon sugar mixture.

  5. Pour the sangria into the prepared glass and enjoy!

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