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Homemade Shirley Temples

We loved this drink as kids, I mean, what kid doesn't love sugar filled red soda drinks with brightly colored sweet cherries in it?! This recipe still has sugar but it's much better for you than the original version. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Homemade Shirley Temples



4 cups all-natural cherry juice

2 cups sugar

lemon-lime sparkling water

orange slices, for garnish

maraschino cherries, for garnish

a few swashbuckler-sword thingies


Heat the 4 cups of cherry juice over moderate heat until simmering. Reduce by half. Remove off of heat then add two cups of sugar, stir and let cool completely. Recipe makes about 3 cups of syrup. Leftover syrup can be stored in the fridge up to one month.

Fill glass 2/3 full of sparkling water, add a third of the cherry juice {more or less to taste} and garnish with fresh orange slices and maraschino cherries.

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